Okay, So We Didn’t Podcast, But We Did Make Videos!

The New York International Auto Show is a funny thing. You can run into the same people twenty times in a day, and also go the entire show without running into a friend at all (Hi, Alex!). I attended about half a dozen parties, saw a few presentations on the show floor, and walked about 20,000 steps per day. However, what I did NOT do was see my dear brother very much. So the much ballyhooed second edition of the Barkcast didn’t happen.

But I did make a few videos with my friends, the Boost Brothers. Above is the first of them, which briefly discusses the Dodge Hellcat and Demon but does not show my awesome blue Allen Edmonds Neumoks that I was wearing for the shoot. Alas. You should watch it anyway. In the days to come, we’ll also have videos about the Acura TLX and NSX, the Honda Civic Type R, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, and the entire Ford Performance lineup. Check it out!


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  1. Bigtruckseriesreview

    I was at NYIAS today. I was hoping to be able to come meet you before you leave.

    I was fortunate enough to get exclusive revving of the Trackhawk as they moved the silver one (my next car) onto the carpet.

    I’m currently uploading a 4 hour video of the show.

    There is a car meet tonight at around 9 if you’re interested. Contact me.

    And take me off of “post submission review” while you’re at it 😉

  2. Bigtruckseriesreview

    There are so many rumors surrounding the Demon and the future of Hellcat and SRT.

    #1 “The Hellcat is going to get cheaper”. NO IT ISN’T. Even the 392 is more expensive than it was prior to 2014.

    #2 “There will be a DEMON CHARGER”. I seriously doubt it because the Charger carries around more mass (4 doors for example) and the Challenger was easier to strip. Seats, speaker system, etc.

    The Challenger is Dodge’s best selling SRT product. (Jeep SRT is best selling worldwide – since dodge doesn’t make right-hand drive).

    The Charger is far more difficult to strip down for weight savings.

    My solution: offer a Demon powertrain package and rebadge it with the Demon instead of the Hellcat.

    Everyone will be happy then.

    #3 The Demon has a module upgrade for 1000HP… Remains to be seen.

    As a Hellcat/ multiple SRT owner, I came specifically for the Trackhawk and Demon…with a little energy left for the Durango SRT.

    The way I see it, Chrysler needs to be leasing these cars.

    At current, a Hellcat leases for $599 which is considerably less than my $1050 FINANCE.
    The only caveat is 10,000 miles per year which makes plenty of sense when you consider you really can’t (shouldn’t) be driving these cars in winter. They are far too dangerous.

    Baruth claims “he feels sorry for the Hellcat buyers”…

    Compared to the Demon, the Hellcat makes more sense and comes with “luxury features”. Demons only have 2 speakers. My Charger Hellcat and the Challenger H come with the 19 piece.

    and then obviously – I need more than 1 seat.

    REALISTICALLY, Chrysler should build Hellcats and Demons to order. These people are making a KILLING on profit.
    The LX platform is paid for.

    They just took a lot of stuff OUT of a Challenger, added some fender flares, and resold it as a new product. They can demand $100,000 if they want.

    These people are gonna profit like the Ferenghi.

    • Rock36

      Forgive me if I’m showing my ignorance, but do you think this means they will delay updating the LX platform?

      Also with the Viper ending production again (although I am not convinced it is gone for good) do you think FCA will try to provide options to make the Challenger more of a factory road course car like Ford and Chevy have with the Mustang GT350 and Camaro ZL1/1LE? Or is the Demon representative of FCAs desire to maintaine dominance the realm of balls out acceleration, 1/4 mile and the like?

      • Bigtruckseriesreview

        FCA looks to me to be in disarray and not sure of what they want to do. Jeep and Dodge products as well as the Chrysler minivan are their bread and butter. In between there seems to be a lot of confusion.

        The Viper was a stupid, expensive and impractical car to make. If I’d been on their design team, the changes I’d have made would have made it a volume seller.

        The Challenger is too heavy to be a “track car”. Thing is, virtually NO ONE goes to tracks. These cars are STREET RACING TECHNOLOGY. Able to carry the family to and from church – with burnouts in between. They’ve lost sight of that.

        • Rock36

          Thanks for the reply. FWIW I do see at least one SRT or Hellcat Challenger just about every time I go to the road course, which was actually my motivation for asking.

  3. Paul

    The green challenger in background looks sweet. Honestly all versions of challenger look good. To me even an RT is sufficiently fast and smooth. Not sure where one can use 700 or 800 horsepower any way, but that is not stopping companies to make these crazy high horsepower cars. Still good for foot traffic for sure and the publicity it brings.

  4. ComfortablyNumb

    I have the first Strandmok in brown, when they did that faded color thing. Blue is on my short list. Great design, works with everything but shorts, in my opinion.

  5. rambo furum

    I don’t find the unlined Neumok to be partricularly comfortable. I think it would be more practical as a blucher.

    Every two door should be available without the rear seats.


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