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This Week’s Klockau Lust Object: 1980 Lincoln Continental Town Coupe

Are our favorite vehicles the ones we imprint on in our formative years? I think so. At least, it’s true in my case.

This Week’s Klockau Lust Object: 1976 Town Coupe

So spur of the moment I decided to go up to the lake since my folks were going to be visiting friends the next couple days. Yesterday was great and I was hoping Saturday would be the same. But of course, Mother Nature, seeing me heading northeast on Highway 52, said “Screw you Klockau!”

1974 Lincoln Continental Town Car and Town Coupé: Broughamtastic ’70s Conveyances

Today, let us discuss the most plush, most elaborate and most Broughamtastic Lincolns available, of the Year of Our Lord 1974. I’ve always liked the 1974 Lincoln Continentals, Town Cars and Town Coupés. Thanks to the revised bumper standards enacted that year, all non-Mark Lincolns sported a one year only look, front and rear.