eBrougham: Jason’s ’77 Dodge Now Available

My friend in Spokane, Jason, has finally finished work on his ’77 Royal Monaco Brougham (original post here), and she is a stunning example of full-sized, late ’70s Broughaminess. I personally love the color combo. Jason has kept it a while, but the arrival of the ’78 Sedan de Ville has resulted in too many cars, not enough time and insufficient room.

So ifin any of you fine folks are so inclined, check out the auction right here. It has about a week to go. And it’s already hit the $4,500 reserve, so she’s going away no matter what.

Most likely the proceeds will go towards yet another land yacht purchase, or maybe a full size early ’70s van or Dart/Valiant. You never know!

Night cruising about a month ago, before Jason secured the optional Premier wheel covers the car now wears. Next stop: The Armada Room, ha ha!

Personally, I think it’d be cool to cruise at night in this Nimitz-class Dodge, with the Peter Gunn theme playing on the radio…

3 Replies to “eBrougham: Jason’s ’77 Dodge Now Available”

  1. -Nate

    Wow ;

    What a nice time capsule .

    The Massachusetts highway patrol used these as high speed pursuit cars and one of my mates from the 1960’s bought a ’76 (IIRC) that had a big engine and simply flew down the road , rode well and handled well for such a big boat .


  2. George Denzinger

    I’ve been following this one on FB, what a magnificent beast!

    I wish I had the money and space, but the current situation forbids it…


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