1979 Cadillac Sedan de Ville: Terrific In Triple White

So this early evening, ladies and germs, this week’s Klockau Lust Object is coming live from a barstool at Grumpy’s Saloon in the picturesque Village of East Davenport, Iowa.

As is often the case this gorgeous example of late Seventies Broughamage was seen on my preferred cars-for-sale FB group,  Finding Future Classic Cars.

Naturally it is a Cadillac. This ’79 Sedan de Ville is currently on offer in Saddle Brook, New Jersey. It is a very visually appealing example of ’79 Caddy, what with its Cotillion White paintwork, 425 CID V8, lovely white leather with blue dash and carpet, and optional turbine vaned wheel discs.

As is often the case, I’m glad it’s so far away. The optional opera lamps on the C-pillars add the final, classic touch.

And it seems a good price, at seven grand, for such a clean example.

1979 was a good year if you like these downsized Cadillacs. Good space, tidy dimensions, stout V8 power, and still a healthy dose of Cadillac Style. Check it out ifin you’re so inclined!

And as always, folks, keep calm, Brougham on, and always tip your bartender. I’m about to tip my bartender, Carrie, right now. Cheers!

5 Replies to “1979 Cadillac Sedan de Ville: Terrific In Triple White”

  1. CJinSD

    I saw one last week at my buddy’s shop that emerged from decades in storage without a trace of a bumper filler panel. I wonder what the story is for why this one has them.

  2. LynnG

    CJinSD, my best guess from the photos is that at some point over the years the rear quarter panel extensions have been replaced, most likely sometimes in the 1990’s when OEM fillers were still available or with after market replacement more recently. A sure sign that they have been replaced is the missing small piece of crome trim at the curve on the quarter extension filler just above the rear bumper between the tail light and the deck lid. On this car that small piece of tirm is missing on both sides. It is really common when the quarter extensions are replaced for the installer to either throw these small parts away because they do not notice them on the old fillers and they never end up back on the car. You will notice the trim is still on the lower edge of the deck lid but not on the filler.

  3. sgeffe

    Only thing that looks a little beat-up is the steering wheel.

    But then again, is this blue a little faded? It’s the same light blue as I’ve seen in other late-‘70s/early-‘80s GM products, but I didn’t think Caddy had a similar shade.

    The car looks sharp overall! One of these days, if the right survivor comes along….


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