Clickbait Narratives Are Still Ruining America

Look at the headline in the lead image. Aren’t you enraged? Betsy DeVos, that destroyer of public schools, that evil billionaire—she’s flying a private jet for official travel! It’s outrageous, ridiculous, and completely inappropriate for taxpayers to pay for a woman worth well over $5 billion to fly in a private plane! It must be a scandal, because Tom Price and Steve Mnuchin are also embroiled in scandals.

Of course, if you were actually to click into the article, you’d read the following quote, right at the top of the article:

Education Department Press Secretary Liz Hill told The Associated Press on Thursday that DeVos travels completely on her own dime, accepting no government reimbursement for flights or other expenses.

“Secretary DeVos accepted her position to serve the public and is fully committed to being a faithful steward of taxpayer dollars,” Hill said.

So, wait…what? She’s flying on her own jet to save taxpayer dollars? Well, holy shit. She’s an American hero, not a criminal. But do you think this matters to people who just read the headline on Facebook? Who took the five seconds out their miserable days to make the mad little emoji, or to share it nearly a thousand times?


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If You’re Not #withher, Then You’re #notwithus

Please welcome a lifelong friend of mine who is an honest-to-God, no-surgery-required, cisgender female. After a conversation we had recently, I implored her to share her views with our Riverside Green readers. To protect her identity, I’ve given her a username that makes me laugh. Enjoy!—Bark

On November 9, 2016, my best friend texted me. “Well, it’s done. I voted. I voted for HIM.” I laughed, because honestly, minus a tiny snippet of hope in the very back of my brain, I thought Hillary had the election in the bag. “Remember,” I said, “This was an easy decision. Better to vote for an honest asshole who gets economics than a dishonest criminal who is married to a dude who got a blow job in the Oval.” I got the “LOL” and we both went about our day. That night, I stared at the television, incredulous, as the ticker declared that Trump would win Wisconsin. My phone buzzed. “Holy Shit, Lizzie. He’s going to win this thing. You were right about the silent voters.”

I am a 38 year old, pro-choice, gay marriage supporter. I live in a state where it’s legal to buy marijuana for recreational purposes, and frankly, I have no problem with that whatsoever. I did not hesitate when I filled in my ballot in for Donald J. Trump. Oh, and I’m a woman with a graduate degree. But, up until now, I haven’t been able to talk about that at all, because there’s an incredibly curious phenomenon happening with women in America right now.

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Like A Phoenix Rising From The Ashes


I’m not gonna lie. 24 hours ago, I thought the Republican party was dead.

I figured Hillary Clinton was well on her way to surpassing 300 electoral votes—perhaps even racing past the Obama ’12 total of 332. It was a foregone conclusion that the Democrats would reclaim the Senate, as well. I began to think about how eight more years of Obamacare and progressive social policies would create an entire generation of Julias, unable to perceive any possible existence that didn’t involve the evermore intrusive and invasive government’s presence in every facet of their lives. I foresaw a world where all conservative ideals and principles were denounced as racist, sexist, and nationalist, where no man would be permitted to hold a view that didn’t adhere to the one given to him by the media. I imagined a 2024 election much like a California Senate race, where two Democrats ended up fighting for the right to be President. I thought that I would never see another Republican president in my lifetime.

Of course, I was incredibly, gleefully wrong. And so was everybody else.

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How Long Until the American Flag Becomes a Symbol of “Hate?”



Of all the buzzwords that have been embraced by the Liberal ThoughtCrime Police, “Hate” has to be my least favorite. Anybody that has an opposing opinion is now guilty of spreading Hate.

Remember this guy?

[yframe url=’’]

He really thought that the country would get behind his berating (and then, awkward flirtation) of a teenaged girl for her willing Hate spreading. Turns out that his employer didn’t much care for his video—they fired him. But that was three years ago, and much has happened in those three years. Would they have fired him today? Or would he have been a hero?

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Tragedy Doesn’t Have to Be Politicized


It’s nothing short of vile or disgusting how gleefully the Left has jumped on this Charleston tragedy as an opportunity to advance their agenda.

It’s also nothing short of vile or disgusting how the Right has responded to the death of nine people by rabidly and blindly shouting “2ND AMENDMENT” at the top of their lungs.

Is it absolutely necessary to view this event through the eyes of your chosen political overlord? Do we have to get our pre-created talking points from the news organization of our choice? Or can we just put all that aside and just be heartbroken for the families, the church, and the communities that were torn apart by this act of Evil? Because that’s what it was.

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When Did The Cops Become The Bad Guys?

Today at the local library, they had “Heroes Day” as part of their Summer Reading Program. My mother-in-law took my kids over to meet a police officer, and they were thrilled to have to opportunity to sit in a police car.

It would never occur to either of them to be wary or afraid of the police. The police are there to help. They protect us from the bad guys. They keep us safe.

Most people in this great nation would disagree with them, it seems.

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Don’t Crown Hillary Just Yet


The political season has begun again, less than a year after the country shouted a resounding and unified “Hell, no!” to Barack Obama in the midterm elections. In the Democratic corner, weighing in at “Political Lightweight With Few Accomplishments,” is Hillary Rodham Clinton, presumptive nominee with a checkered past. Seemingly unbeatable, it appears that all Hills is gonna have to do is keep her mouth shut, not make any major mistakes, and bam—Bill Clinton will be the First Husband.

But wait—haven’t we seen this before?

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